Celebrating 80 Years of Farming in Kern County

Meet the Founder of D.M. Camp & Sons


Wofford Benjamin Camp wiped the red Carolina dust from his eyes. The cotton rows, even on his father's small patch, seemed endless and the weeds as thick as the hair on a hound's back. But young Camp allowed himself only a small breather. He was going to college in the fall and he needed every penny of his share of the crop. He was going to college to learn more about cotton, more than he could learn from the blister end of a hoe.

Bill Camp is too good to be true, a wealthy and successful man apparently without enemies. He can drive a stiff bargain and take care of himself in a trade, but I have yet to hear of a single shady deal, or any doubt about his honesty and integrity..."

Jim Eleazer, Biographer

What We Grow

We grow Almonds, Barley, Carrots, Clementine Tangerines, Garlic, Table Grapes, Wine Grapes, Onions, Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes.

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